Vegetarian & Vegan Options

Flat Top Grill offers a vast array of vegetarian and vegan options.

where vegging is a good thing!

Whether you're a lean bean or a couch potato, our ever-changing line up of fresh vegetables and sauces are sure to feed any vegetarian's craving.


Stop by one of our locations to create your own bowl!

A sampling of our

vegetarian options include:


- Quorn (mushroom meat)
- Seitan (wheat meat)
- BBQ Vegetable Tempeh (soy protein) - GMO free
- Curry Pakora (soy protein) - GMO free

feed your vegan.

Vegans rejoice. Our vegan friendly options allow you to easily create your own bowl.


For any questions and concerns, our partners would be glad to help you along your journey.

Vegan Considerations


DO NOT USE these particular items:



Horseradish Tofu Sauce

Pad Thai Sauce

Thai Red Curry Sauce

Triple Chocolate Storm

Whipped Cream

Ice Cream

Kung Pao Prata

Chicken Satay

Roti Prata Bread



Mu shu wraps are not vegan.




Korean BBQ - Contains honey but is otherwise animal-product free.



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